How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally & Effectively


We’re sharing how to get glowing skin naturally because we understand you have tried many toners, face masks and countless products that still have not worked. 

You are not alone.  

If you’re like most people, each time there’s a picture taken of you on your phone, the first thing you notice upon viewing it? How your skin looks.  

Maybe you saw a photo of yourself recently or simply glanced in the mirror and you couldn’t help but *sigh*. That’s why we are revealing incredible, science-backed methods to help your skin glow (in a gorgeous, non-oily shine way). 

In this article, you’ll discover: 


  • What foods help skin glow as fast as possible
  • The best way to regulate hormones, which control the appearance of skin
  • Why the weather is affecting your skin (and what to do)
  • A no-cost freezer item that transforms skin in 30 seconds 
  • The #1 reason your skin is not glowing how you want - and the solution


Shockingly simple tips for glowing skin 

Let’s breakdown these make-skin-glow methods, one by one.


What to eat for glowing skin 

avocado for glowing skin

This is one of our top tips for glowing skin.  

And while you know that what you eat affects your skin, health and overall immunity, there are specific “healthy” foods that specifically help boost the skin and help it glow more than others. Try to work in more of the following into your diet:  


As skin starts to age, many women find themselves buying expensive anti-aging creams from the department store beauty counter. A vegan, non-chemical solution that is highly effective? Taking in avocado. From adding onto toast or blending into a smoothie, avocado helps to hydrate and shield skin - even protecting and healing from the sun’s rays. 


Spinach is loaded with vitamins and healthy elements, such as folate. This is a vitamin that helps to deliver boosts to the skin that have it glowing like a firework. 

Sweet potatoes

Red and orange vegetables and roots, like sweet potato, can literally shift the glow of skin and give it a more tanned look. According to one academic journal, the glow can even be more radiant than having spent time in the sun. Eat some baked potato and, even in the depths of winter, your skin may have a hint of Carribean vacation. 

Pumpkin seeds

While most of us know the power of leafy greens and avocado, the pumpkin seed is a powerful food that is often overlooked. With a high level of zinc, magnesium and Vitamin E, these seeds (delicious when baked and eaten as a crispy snack) help to regenerate skin cells. If the skin is aging, has spent time in the sun or experienced dry air, the regeneration helps to heal the skin and keep it glowing. 


As an inflammatory, turmeric helps the skin to calm from inflammation that may be caused by acne, rosacea, eczema or skin sensitivity. When soothed, the skin can glow that much brighter. 


While egg white omelets may be lower in calories, whole eggs contain vitamins that help to get glowing skin. Biotin is a vitamin within the yolk that is known to help the skin be more hydrated and even halt acne and irritation. 

And, one the best tips for glowing skin? Getting to eat more →  

Dark chocolate 

Thank goodness there’s a treat that has antioxidants, helping skin stay strong and making it the perfect after-dinner bite.  

(Because after all you do, you deserve a delightful treat at the end of each day.)


Pause overwashing  

To get glowing skin, most people wash their face even more. It’s understandable. After all, if we have oil or build up on our face, it would seem that scrubbing the skin more would help to release the junk and uncovering beautiful skin beneath.  

However, the truth is that overwashing is damaging your skin and its appearance. 

Working hands into skin with cleansers, especially harsh ones, strips the skin of natural oils.  

Solution: Try using cleanser only at night. In the morning, simply splash your face with cold water. (This may feel scary at first, as if your face isn’t clean enough, but as you see your skin start to glow more and more, you’ll see the power of this method.)


Know that cloudy days can damage  

While most of us try to apply sunscreen on bright, sunny days or beach outings, it can be easy to look outside, see dark clouds and simply go without. (Especially amid Northern European winters!) 

The truth is that sun rays still penetrate and can damage skin, even on cloudy days.  

That’s why we recommend having a sunscreen or at least a non-chemical makeup with natural, sun-fighting properties. 


Look at your sleep  

tips for glowing skin: sleep

There are many reasons your body and brain need more sleep.  

While you know you feel better after more sleep, your skin is also drastically affected by how many hours you get a night. That’s why this is one of the vital tips for glowing skin. 

One reason is that the hormonal system is kept in check more when the body gets enough sleep. If only getting 5, 6 hours a night, the lack of rest can easily kick hormones out of whack which (in turn) affect your skin.


Go upside down 

You don’t have to do a handstand, but there are beauty experts that swear by the power of getting your head down (below your heart and hips) to help with skin.  

One aesthetician in Texas,Renee Rouleau, shares that, “Hanging my head upside down for three minutes a day is my long-term strategy for getting that lit-from-within glow.” 

When bent over, the head - which is upright all day - can get blood to the head, bringing oxygen and extra circulation of nutrients. 


Use an ice cube 

This is one of our favorite tips for glowing skin because it is so simple. Upon first waking up or preparing for an event, take an ice cube and run it up, down and around your face. The cold shocks the skin into giving an extra shot of awe - and the cold calms inflammation and minimize pores. (Be sure to rub it in circles, continuously, and for a very short period of time.) 


Look at your beauty bag

No matter how much you sleep or eat right, if there are heavy chemicals going onto your face and sitting there for many hours, your skin cannot breathe and achieve true glow. 

Most make ups load the face with unnatural, pore-clogging ingredients, even if they have beautiful marketing or are endorsed by famous people on Instagram.  

The problem? For most of the modern era, companies have found pumping in chemicals makes makeup cheaper to make and sell - so they can earn even more profit.  

A movement for natural makeup has been sweeping the Earth - as more and more people see that natural makeup can be JUST as effective than brands they’re used to.  

With fragrances no longer irritating skin, heavy cakey-ness no longer dulling the natural epidermis, having (of all the top tips for glowing skin) a face with non-chemical makeup can make all the difference. 


The #1 fix to get glowing skin?

The most effective solution is to choose a natural, vegan makeup that lets skin breathe.