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The Eye of the Tigress...

Step out the front door or into that party with full confidence.

“They” say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Every window deserves the most glamorous curtains money can buy, dressed to impress with charming aesthetics and enchanting pops of colour. Mineralissima is your partner in fine beauty, with a wide range of stunning eye powders made with minerals.

Why minerals, you might ask? Well, unlike many store-bought eye products which are packed with fragrances, parabens, and more (yes, many vegan brands included…), mineral eye makeup is formulated using a fusion of Mother Earth’s purest ingredients. With Mineralissima, you never have to worry about harsh chemicals or irritants. Our natural eyeshadow range elegantly decorates the windows to your soul, so you can look and feel the part no matter where life takes you.

What our customers love most about Mineralissima’s mineral eye makeup is that it lasts. Really lasts. Whether you’re going for a natural look or bold glam cat eyeliner style, Mineralissima has you covered - just like your favorite foundation. We’ve got natural eyeshadows, natural eyeliner and mascara, and a breathtaking range of eyebrow powders and pencils you’ll love.

Mineralissima is a makeup you’ll finally want to stick with, instead of endlessly shopping around and trying countless different brands - without ever finding one you can call your favorite. Our mineral eye makeup products are also more versatile than most, and you can even mix our exquisite eyeshadows with your favorite moisturizers or other liquids to make a creamy formulation. With a range of samples that empower you to try before you buy, it’s never been easier to fast-track your fabulous.

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