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Tackle my skin problem

Take Back Control of Your Skin. Love the skin you’re in... We all have our own skin concerns, and what you might see as perfection in someone else could cause daily embarrassment for them. Everyone has their own definition of “problem skin,” which is why we at Mineralissima have
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Skin colour: Medium skin
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  1. Rice Primer Shine Solution Rice Primer Shine Solution
  2. Rice Veil Intense Matte Rice Veil Intense Matte
  3. Oil Control powder Medium Oil Control powder Medium
  4. Oil Control powder Tan Oil Control powder Tan
  5. Soothing Primer Soothing Primer
  6. Mineral concealer Papaya Mineral concealer Papaya
  7. Mineral concealer Foliage Mineral concealer Foliage
  8. Mineral concealer Rose Mineral concealer Rose
  9. Skin Fix concealer Light Skin Fix concealer Light
  10. Skin Fix concealer Medium Skin Fix concealer Medium
Grid List

10 Items

Set Descending Direction