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Hey There, Fresh-Faced Beauty.

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Every make-up lover knows you can’t just slap only mascara and blush on and call it a day. A flawless look begins with flawless skin, from foundation to concealer to powder. If you want to look and feel gorgeous, accentuating your natural beauty and concealing any blemishes, you need Mineralissima. Our fresh-as-a-daisy face collection is bursting with high-quality mineral makeup that gives you an extra edge you can’t find through standard store-bought make-up. Only Mineralissima empowers with a natural glow.

Why mineral makeup?

This revolutionary innovation uses Mother Earth’s most precious resources, including minerals like iron and zinc oxides. These are ground into thousands of tiny shimmering particles, which have been used for thousands of years by some of the most famous names in history - Cleopatra included. When you choose mineral face makeup, you choose to treat your skin better. If you thought the makeup you already owned was doing your skin good, you might be surprised (and not pleasantly so). Even some of the “best” vegan makeup brands use chemicals and preservatives, which possibly do your skin no good in the long run - robbing your pores of room to breathe.

With Mineralissima, you’re guaranteed light, hypoallergenic makeup that never irritates the skin. Zero fragrances or parabens means you won’t flare up, making Mineralissima perfect for even the most sensitive of skins. Our natural cosmetics are free from cruelty or guilt, and a light dusting of your favorite non-comedogenic Mineralissima product is enough to cover-up what you don’t like so you can focus on what you do. Ah, that’s better.

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  1. Natural bronzer Laguna Natural bronzer Laguna
  2. Glow Bananas! Fixing Powder Glow Bananas! Fixing Powder
  3. Mineral Foundation Refill Mineral Foundation Refill
    Mineral Foundation Refill
    As low as €18.95
  4. Skin Fix concealer Light Skin Fix concealer Light
  5. Skin Fix concealer Medium Skin Fix concealer Medium
  6. Skin Fix concealer Tan Skin Fix concealer Tan
  7. Mineral blush Abricot Mineral blush Abricot
  8. Mineral bronzer Capri Mineral bronzer Capri
  9. Mineral blush Sneaky Mineral blush Sneaky
  10. Mineral concealer Foliage Mineral concealer Foliage
  11. Mineral foundation Pine Mineral foundation Pine
  12. Mineral concealer Papaya Mineral concealer Papaya
  13. Mineral bronzer Samui Mineral bronzer Samui
  14. Blush Hello Dolly Blush Hello Dolly
  15. Mineral bronzer Havana Mineral bronzer Havana
  16. Mineral blush Bliss Mineral blush Bliss
  17. Mineral bronzer Bahia Mineral bronzer Bahia
  18. 2 in 1 Foundation Daisy 2 in 1 Foundation Daisy
  19. Mineral foundation Walnut Mineral foundation Walnut
  20. Mineral blush Dare Mineral blush Dare
  21. Natural bronzer Jetsetter Natural bronzer Jetsetter
  22. Mineral blush Posie Mineral blush Posie
  23. 2 in 1 Foundation Harper 2 in 1 Foundation Harper
  24. Mineral foundation Poplar Mineral foundation Poplar
Grid List

Items 1-24 of 31

Set Descending Direction