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Natural lip products with only the most nourishing vegan ingredients...

Chemicals? Not on our side of the web.

No makeup look is complete without an "eye" and a "lip", and if you want to master the latter like a #GirlBoss, it’s time to #ThinkMineral. Mineral makeup is taking the world by storm, bursting with raw ingredients created by Mother Earth herself. When you leave the fragrances and parabens out of the picture, you’re left with a fresh formulation that leaves you not only looking like a superstar, but feeling like one too. After all, many makeup brands are packed with junk you can’t pronounce, not adding anything beneficial to your skin.

Our organic lip products use only the most nourishing natural ingredients that are free from chemicals, parabens, fragrance, flavoring, synthetic dyes, or guilt! Our natural lipsticks, lipglosses and lipliners are cruelty-free too, so you never have to worry about animals getting hurt in the process of making your favorite shades of lipstick and gloss.

Only Mineralissima empowers you to smile with full-lipped confidence, giving you lusciously coated lips no matter the occasion. We’ve got a shade for every personality, whether you’re painting the town red or unwinding in bed. Mineralissima makes it easy to make a bold statement, look and feel beautiful, and best of all, do so safely and healthily. You’re welcome!


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  1. Natural Lipliner Diva - L24 Natural Lipliner Diva - L24
  2. Natural lipgloss Frost Natural lipgloss Frost
  3. Natural lipstick Abby Natural lipstick Abby
  4. Natural lipgloss Kiss Natural lipgloss Kiss
  5. Natural lipgloss Candy Natural lipgloss Candy
  6. Natural lipgloss Juicy Natural lipgloss Juicy
  7. Natural lipgloss Melon Natural lipgloss Melon
  8. Natural lipgloss Lola Natural lipgloss Lola
  9. Natural lipgloss Charm Natural lipgloss Charm
  10. Natural lipstick Hope Natural lipstick Hope
  11. Natural lipgloss Petal Natural lipgloss Petal
  12. Natural lipgloss Fire Natural lipgloss Fire
  13. Natural lipstick Lane Natural lipstick Lane
  14. Natural lipgloss Hot Natural lipgloss Hot
  15. Natural lipstick Mia Natural lipstick Mia
  16. Natural lipstick Sady Natural lipstick Sady
  17. Natural lipstick Vaya Natural lipstick Vaya
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17 Items

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