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Summer Skin is made in the Spring

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 20:15:17 Europe/Amsterdam

Get your summer glow ready now – the natural way Do you get envious of those ladies that sport a gorgeous summer glow the second the sun comes out? Maybe you rush home to consult your beauty mags and websites to find out how these people look like actual rays of sunshine literally? Although you may feel it on the inside you don't feel like you look it on the outside – so what’s their secret? Don't be fooled ladies because these golden girls have been carefully prepping and pampering their skin for some months before to achieve their gorgeously bronzed faces. It isn't just a case of slapping on some bronzer before hitting the town on a shopping trip with the girls, although bronzer does help but there are a few other things to do first. But of course, we like to keep it natural so we are going to show you how to get summer ready skin the natural way. Ladies, prepare to be envied because you’re going to look gorgeous! Preparation is the key Summer skin really is made in winter and Spring. Taking care of your skin in winter/spring is the best thing you can do. Use the cold months to pamper and rejuvenate your outer beauty. Our favourite beauty elixir is 100% pure and natural jojoba oil. There's not much this gorgeous oil isn’t good for! It's perfect as a daily moisturiser and to go under your makeup. You can use it all over your body as a moisturiser too. Why is it so great? Well, containing no chemicals or anything unnatural it boasts an abundance of vitamin A, which reduces wrinkles and smooths rough skin. It also enhances the elasticity and can give your skin that glowing appearance; using jojoba oil through winter will not only protect it in the cold months but get it ready to glow in summer too. Top Tip: Dry Hair? Use some jojoba oil on wet hair to give it a moisture boost. Treat your skin to regular pampering This doesn't mean you have to go down to your salon and fork out your hard earned cash to pamper your face. You can experience better from home and your skin will LOVE IT. Coconut oil isn't just for baking, oh no! It is perfect for your skin so use it in a mask once a week to give your skin an incredible boost. It is jam packed with natural antioxidants. It breaks down dead skin cells, heal acne and hydrate skin – what more could you want? For a skin brightening, summer glow facemask you will need: coconut anf honey coconut anf honey 1. 1 tablespoon of Coconut oil 2. 2 teaspoons of Honey 3. 1/2 teaspoon of Lemon juice Combine all three ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix up well. Apply the mixture to your face and relax for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry with a towel. Beautiful! Treat your skin to this indulgent, natural mask once a week. Dry body brushing This may sound a little strange at first but investing in a dry body brush in winter is a great Body brushing makes your skin soft Body brushing makes your skin soft move! A natural bristle brush is best. In winter our skin gets dry and we stay indoors a bit more due to the cold. Our skin becomes flakey and dull so it needs a little assistance. Using your dry body brush is a fantastic way of removing dead skin cells and stimulating circulation. It is actually a great way to help with cellulite on those stubborn body parts. Use your body brush in circular, anticlockwise motions every other day for fantastic results, you will feel smoother, rejuvenated and even a little slimmer! Eat your way to glowing skin Obviously, if you are good then it goes without saying you should be eating your five a day of fruits and vegetables. The powerful antioxidants contained in them combat cellular damage caused by free radicals. A couple of our favourite foods, which pack a powerful punch are: Brazil nuts - Packed with selenium this magic ingredient can help protect against skin cancer, sun damage and age spots making it a must. Blueberries contain antioxidants Blueberries contain antioxidants Blueberries - Full of vitamin c these will help give you a strong immune system and radiant skin. Vitamin C will help heal your skin and combat blemishes. Water - yes we know not the most exciting but you can’t have dewy, glowing skin if your dehydrated now can you. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated 6-8 glasses a day ideally. You can try adding a few slices of lime or lemon for some extra flavour. Make sure your makeup is kind to your skin Your social events calendar can be just as busy in winter as it is in summer so make sure your makeup routine reflects this. Of course natural mineral makeup is the best choice , and Mineralissima makeup contains no parabens, nasties, chemicals or false ingredients. Mineral makeup will pamper your skin while giving you a flawless movie star glow – you win and the environment wins. Come the summer your skin will already be in fantastic condition if you follow the above rules. When you apply your makeup as the finishing touch you will look like a picture of health and natural beauty! Make sure your skin care regime is all year round and when it comes to the summer sunshine you wont need to spend ours baking in the sun to get a glow because you will already have it. See you in the summer Mineralissima girls!
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The Important Truth You Need To Know About Cosmetics Industry

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 20:13:21 Europe/Amsterdam

Looking beyond the labels of your favorite cosmetic products. The beauty industry is certainly on the rise. By 2017 it is estimated to reach the record $265 billions per year. However, the real price of beauty goes well beyond these numbers. What L’Oreal, Maybelline, Estee Lauder have in common apart from producing widely popular makeup products, is that they still practice animal testing according to PETA investigations. Over 100.000 animals are estimated to suffer and die per year, so that most of us, girls, could enjoy a new lipstick color. The sadder truth – animal testing makes no sense when it comes to beauty products. A vast number of alternative testing technologies have been researched and introduced in the last decade ranging from 3D printing to stem cells that are used for growing new organs. In fact, according to most international laws animal testing is voluntary. Meaning any company can choose whether to test their products on animals or not. Sadly, most brands choose the crude option. We at Mineralissima strongly believe that animal testing has no place in the modern world. You should know the truths and the actual numbers behind the cosmetics industry: Ready To Switch To a Cruelty-Free Brand? Here’s What You Should Do: Cruelty-free beauty products are on the rise, offering a safer, greener and more modern alternative to the traditional cosmetics. If you are ready to make the transition today, here’s what you should do: 1. Know The Alternatives Cruelty-free products are plentiful. You just need to know where to search! Check out the Beauty Without Bunnies by PETA and The Leaping Bunny listings – both will have you covered at most times. Our mineral beauty products are also on the list, just so you know ☺ 2. Do Your Research Interested whether a particular brand is testing on animals or not? Go online and visit their website. Usually, this question is covered in FAQ section. However, not all companies like to play it honest and oftentimes write what their potential buyers would love to hear. Take a step further and simple google “Company name animal testing” and see what pops up in the news and on the blogs. If there’s no information online, just pick up the phone and ring them up. The representative is bound to answer your question according to consumer laws in most countries. This routine may seem a bit daunting at first, but as you build up your list of ethical companies, shopping becomes a breeze again! 3. Learn to Read the Labels Now, safe products should always have the official Leaping Bunny trademark or the cute pinkish PETA bunny. It takes time and effort for companies to earn those, so it’s a legit and reputable sign you can trust. Make sure you know how both of them look. All the other bunnies no matter how cute they look absolutely do not stand for “cruelty-free”. Standalone phrases like “not tested on animals” or “cruelty-free” written on the back of the product sadly do not stand for anything. Companies are not prohibited to use these statements no matter what their actually policy is. Make sure you make additional inquiries. How do you feel about animal testing? Let us know if the comments below!
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Make your pre-makeup beauty routine ALL NATURAL

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 20:10:43 Europe/Amsterdam

At Mineralissima HQ we have been basking in the beautiful summer sun while preparing ourselves for our beautiful autumn range. As always nothing inspires us more so than nature, beautiful Mother Nature. As a Mineralissima girl we just know you a lover of all things natural, especially when it comes to your beauty routine – and when it turns natural, your beauty routine can be even more beautiful. When it comes to beauty remedies we love nothing more than seeing your faces dusted with the fine mineral foundations from Mineralissima of course but you can also further benefit from the earth's most natural remedies to enhance your outer beauty even more. The problem today is that its too easy to be swept off your feet by all the tempting new products which have been expertly marketed to make you feel as though you NEED them; tempting packaging and celebrity endorsements all claim to give you that beautiful sheen and glow. What people don’t realize is that funnily, these products often try to enhance the fact that they are made with ‘organic’ and 'natural ingredients' and contain beneficial 'vitamins and minerals' your skin craves. Well, we’ve heard it all before and what they often fail to tell you is that these so called beauty products are actually loading your skin and pores with chemicals and parabens galore and the vitamins will be in very small quantities and of course in very limited ingredients. Fear not fair ladies for there is good news and it means that you can take matters into your own hands and make your beauty regime as natural as the Mineralissima makeup you wear. Natural is beautiful and because we are passionate about natural makeup, we also want to show you how you can be natural in your pre-makeup beauty routine too! That’s what Mineralissima is all about! Awesome Olive Oil: Makeup remover Olive oil for natural skin cleansing Olive oil for natural skin cleansing You may be surprised at this one but, olive oil will feel beautiful to touch on your skin and afterwards also. It is brilliant at neutralizing oily skin by efficiently dissolving overabundance oils in the skin. It whisks away any of your cosmetics from the day or night before leaving your face feeling new, supple and clean. Have a go at swapping your typical substance ridden chemical cleanser for a little container of olive oil, applying to cotton cushion as you would any cleanser and delicately clean your face. Coconut Milk: Hand cream & hair conditioner Firstly as a hand cream it leaves your skin feeling beautifully saturated, stout and delightfully delicate to touch. Place some crisp coconut milk in the cooler for a couple of days and it will thicken to the consistency of a hand cream making it flawless to apply to your skin. You can likewise utilize it as a lavish conditioner. Our most loved approach is to tenderly warm some coconut milk and apply it liberally to the hair leaving it to penetrate your hair for a couple of minutes and wash off. Your hair will feel delicate, lovely and smell divine! Egg Whites: Shampoo Eggwhite for hair Eggwhite for hair This may sound somewhat insane at first however, be assured, its not. Protein aide’s growth within the hair follicles, furthermore it helps the hair grow faster and stronger, after all protein is the building block of hair! It’s easy to do, using some good old fashioned elbow grease whisk up a few egg whites into a meringue like consistency and keep by our side in the shower or bath ready for usage. This egg shampoo makes for a protein rich cleanser your hair will just worship! The cushy white blend will suck up all the oil off your hair leaving it new, full and clean. Apply to your wet sodden hair and rinse off with COLD water, yes COLD on the grounds that if it’s hot, the egg will start to cook...amusing yet not ideal. Heavenly honey: for cracked cuticles Who doesn't love the wonderfully sweet fragrance from sweet, sweet honey? Honey is a component you have most likely seen publicized in numerous beauty campaigns and products and this is due to it smelling delightful, empowering and it’s oh so saturating. So to renew those split harmed cuticles you can enjoy this great home treatment. It’s easy, blend in some olive oil with honey at around a 50/50 ratio and leave in the cooler/fridge - this is our favorite way to do it. Apply to your cuticles for 5 minutes twice per week for super results. In the event that you need to make it considerably all the more effective then add some regular Aloe Vera to the blend as it this is awesome at mending split skin and cuts in those overworked hands. Juicy orange: Exfoliator Orange exfoliator Orange exfoliator Do you suffer from irritatingly dry elbows and knees? Well all you need for this quick beauty fix is a good old-fashioned plump orange! Cut the orange in half and simply rub it over your elbows and knees and it will help soften those rough patches. Once you have had your fill, gently rinse off the residue and enjoy your new soft skin, oh and eat the other half of the orange for your daily dose of vitamin C! So there you have it ladies. Just because you love your natural mineral makeup doesn’t mean you can incorporate more of this ‘natural touch into your beauty regime. You are probably pleased to know that natural beauty remedies are very simple and you more than likely have all the ingredients you need in your cupboards! Using natural ingredients you are not only enhancing your own health you are improving the earths by reducing your carbon footprint. Go green with Mineralissima and without further ado… Mineralissima girls do it best
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Incorporate the summer sunshine into your makeup

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 20:09:08 Europe/Amsterdam

The sunshine is in full force and at Mineralissima HQ we are all a little excited about getting that sun kissed look, putting on our bikinis and heading out to the beach to work on our summer glow! Of course, we don’t always wait to get that summer glow look and we have already being carefully conjuring up our favourite products to represent our love of the sunshine and hopefully you want to share in our excitement. In this post we would like to take the opportunity to help you incorporate a little bit of sunshine into your makeup routine and embrace this beautiful time of year because of course, Mineralissima girls don’t miss a single opportunity. We are going to show you gorgeous girls how you can use mineral makeup to incorporate a little sunshine into your life and for the fashionistas, looks that have trotted straight off the catwalk itself! Sound good? When it comes to embracing the seasons what better way to reflect Mother Nature’s beauty than with a selection of perfectly pure organic makeup? Say hello to flawless skin and a rich healthy glow that is second to none. Let’s begin with taking a look at some sizzling HOT makeup trends, which have hit the catwalks this season. Cara-delevingne Cara Delevingne is one of the world’s hottest top models with fashion foguls copying her every look and move. In many of Cara’s runway gigs for summer collections she has been seen to sport the ‘thick eyebrow’ look which is currently bang on trend. Stars such as Rihanna and lady GaGa are also opting for the thicker eyebrow helped to fame by the stunning Cara. For Cara’s look it is quite simple to replicate and looks effortlessly beautiful for those summer outings to festivals and garden parties. Straight off the catwalk Using a mineral foundation cover your face with a couple of layers to achieve that flawless look. Next, take your Mineralissima bronzer and sweep across your cheekbones up towards your ear. By now you should look naturally glowy as though the sun has kissed you. Next you need to pucker up! Coat your lips in a coat of Mineralissima’s natural ‘HOT’ shade lip-gloss to make your lips pop! Next, our favourite bit, coat your lids in a delicate dusting of eye shadow, for this look our favourite Eyeshadow Latte Eyeshadow Latte shade is ‘Latte’. Use a light covering of mascara to finish the look. You will look natural and flawless and the red lip will give you that radiant burst of summer colour. The berry lip The other popular look for summer sun 2015 is the nude/pale look with a bursting berry lip. This look is very easy to achieve and can be tailored to however you want it to look. Using a pale mineral foundation, cover your face with a few layers using circular motions. Using a very pale blusher such as mineral blush blush, give a light dusting over the apples of your cheeks. To finish the look, add a layer of mascara and white eyeliner, part your hair in the centre and wear it straight of in a ponytail. This look is very natural/country maiden and is a great way to look fresh and vibrant, especially if you are in a rush to get ready. The colourful smoke colouful smoke - summer 2015 makeup trends colouful smoke Another popular trend this summer is the colourful smoke, which is based around a natural look with a brightly popping eye. The beauty of this look is you can pick and choose any colours you want and it doesn’t necessarily have to be blue. You can pick anything you want such as bright orange, electric blue, lilac or shocking pink. So here’s how it’s done, apply a layer of mineral foundation to your beautiful face. Dab a little foundation onto the lips so they become paler. Finish the lips with a little bit of clear gloss. Now for the fun part, choose your favourite vibrant eye shadow! Our personal favourites are celestial and envy. The natural look A Mineralissima favourite! The natural look is IN and it’s bigger than ever summer 2015. The key to this look is simple; create the most natural, glowy complexion using your mineral foundation. Add a shy dusting of blush on your cheeks and select your eye or your lip as your centrepiece. If you choose your eyes try a subtle cats eye flick, or a light smoky eye and keep your lips nude in colour. If you choose your lips, wear clear mascara and a vibrant summer lip colour such as coral, pink or red. The key is to look effortlessly beautiful and flawless and to focus attention on one feature. The great thing about summer makeup is that you are never short of choice. You can embrace the suns beams in your own way by creating drop dead gorgeous looks with stunning mineral makeup or you can choose to follow the cat walk trends to achieve looks which are bang on fashion. 2015 seems to favour the more natural look, which is why we love it, from a bold lip and nude complexion to the opposite end of the scale, which includes a colourful smoke, which you can adapt to suit your individuality. Whatever you choose, remember Mineralissima girls do it best
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All about makeup brushes

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 20:06:58 Europe/Amsterdam

Getting the most out of your makeup brushes with Mineralissima This week we have an exciting new arrival at the Mineralissima store in the form of a beautiful Mineralissima makeup brush set. This stunning brush set will take your makeup application to a new, super indulgent level. Like all Mineralissima products, there’s nothing ordinary about this gorgeous brush set. We would like to take this opportunity to discuss our new brush set and give you girls some great pointers in how to look after your brush set and how to get the best out of them so they last. Makeup brushes Good makeup brushes are essential for a flawless makeup. What’s special about this makeup brush set? Where do we start! An innovation in the market, this gorgeous set is 100% vegan, made of only the highest quality taklon fibres. The set consists of seven luxurious brushes, four for the face and three for the eyes. The delicate face brushes caress and pamper your skin. Your set will consist of: Powder brush for all kinds of mineral powder application The fluffy and full powder brush is perfect for applying your mineral foundation or mineral veil for an all over application. Dab the brush in the foundation and dot over your T-zone, and then blend outwards for even coverage. When you blend use circular motions. Slanted powder brush ideal for more precise application and for sculpting and contouring This precise but dense slanted powder brush is perfect for contouring the nose and the cheekbones with defined lines for seamless makeup application. Duo-tone stippling brush for creating an airbrushed look The Mineralissima stippling brush does exactly what it says on the tin — it stipples. Dotting on your foundation with this perfect stippling brush makes for a smooth, diffused finish as opposed to rubbing or brushing with a stiff foundation brush. It is ideal for those of you who prefer to mix their mineral foundation with a little water for a liquid application. Blush/bronzer brush The larger, domed shape blush brush is ideal for applying mineral blusher because it’s easy to get that large, natural sweep across your cheek due to its shape and size. Dabbing the brush into your blush or bronzer sweep the minerals up your cheekbones or over the apples of our cheeks. All-round eye shadow brush This eye shadow brush is great for collecting those fine mineral particles. Shaped perfectly to reach the lids with precision it feels like silk gliding over your sensitive eye area. Slanted eye shadow brush Perfect for those harder to reach areas the slanted eye shadow brush is perfect to reach those more difficult contours of the lids. Angled eye shadow/liner brush Perfect for running over the lash line and blending the colour evenly. As an added bonus, any stray marks will fade in, as your brush will flawlessly blend in any colours. The brushes have a wooden handle and are approximately 12cm long (face) and 10cm (eyes). Ultra soft and ultra natural these beautiful brushes simply glide over your skin making them the best choice to apply your mineral makeup. Easy to grip and a pleasure to use, applying makeup with this set of innovative brushes is no chore but an enjoyable task. With the girly and gorgeous teal coloured handles you wont be rooting about in your makeup bag to find them! For precise application and flawless results, these completely vegan makeup brushes ensure you can pamper your skin, enjoy your makeup application while knowing you have done your bit for the environment. What could be better than guilt free indulgence? Beauty basics: How to clean your makeup brushes Your makeup brushes should be cherished and looked after as strictly as you look after your skin. Keeping your brushes in good condition will ensure that you can apply your mineral makeup perfectly and you consistently get even coverage and a healthy glow. Regular usage of your makeup brushed can lead to old makeup; dirt, oil and even bacteria can stick to your unwashed brushes, which is why its essential that you clean them to ensure the brushes and your skin remains clear. Not cleaning your brushes can lead to clogged pores and even breakouts! It’s a good job that cleaning your brushes is a nice easy, stress free task. What will you need to clean your brushes the correct way? Cleaning tools checklist: A reasonable shallow bowl Baby shampoo A lint free cloth Sink Luke-warm water Begin by gently running the water over the bristles of the brush, be careful to massage out the old residues from the brush. Keep focus on the brush head and try to avoid the part where the handle is attached to the head because this can weaken the connection. Using your shallow bowl, fill it with luke-warm water and baby shampoo and lather it up. Gently dab in your brush and very gently massage the bristles so you are removing any old makeup residue. Put the brush under the running water to rinse the shampoo out and repeat the prices twice more until the water eventually runs clear which signifies that the old makeup and residues have disappeared from the brush and its clean. Use your lint free cloth to wipe the bristles dry going in the direction of the bristles so you don’t break any of them of bend them out of shape. Carefully lay out your brushes in a row on your cloth to dry naturally. This may take a few hours. There you go, a nice easy routine to keeping your brushes in tiptop condition! There are also many brush cleaning shampoos on the market specifically formulated for brush cleaning if this is something you would prefer. Why this makeup brush set is perfect for mineral makeup application… This set is absolutely divine for applying minerals to your skin. Being 100% vegan the exceptionally high quality bristles effortlessly soak up the minerals enabling them to be transferred to your skin perfectly. Mineral makeup if fine and delicate and to use a low quality brush set would do it a huge injustice. It would mean the minerals could not cling to the bristles properly and would fall off the brush in transit and when being applied to your face they wouldn’t be spread as effectively as they could be. The Mineralissima makeup brushes collect the minerals and beautifully blend them over your skin ensuring flawless and even coverage. With carefully sourced products, plenty of research and a passion for reducing our carbon footprint Mineralissima are extremely proud to have developed their 100% vegan makeup brush set. For precise application and flawless results there is no better way to indulge in your mineral makeup application that investing in an excellent quality Mineralissima brush set. If you treat your brushes like you treat your skin, with care and attention they will remain fresh, full and usable for many years to come.
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Mineral Foundation – flawless skin naturally

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 20:05:32 Europe/Amsterdam

Mirror mirror on the wall who has the fairest skin of them all? The answer to this one is simple, a Mineralissima girl! Once upon a time women didn’t have much of a choice when it came to choosing a foundation. For women who are keen on going totally natural with their makeup, are vegans or are passionate about being environmentally friendly or simply just to be kinder to their skin, mineral foundation is now a real and an excellent choice. Natural mineral makeup combines very few natural ingredients, which have all been carefully selected to ensure your skin feels and looks as beautiful as it should do. Mineralissima mineral foundation is an innovative foundation, which is oil free, paraben free and has an all-natural waterproof formula, which glides onto your skin to give you that beautiful airbrushed look. We would love our ladies and gents alike to rest assured knowing what they are putting on their faces is completely natural so we’d love to take this opportunity to explain to you a little more about our wonderful mineral foundation. mineral foundations with natural ingredients mineral foundations with natural ingredients Top benefits of mineral foundation Made with 100% naturally derived ingredients you aren’t putting anything harmful on artificial on your skin. Light feeling, and waterproof there is no artificial ingredients. No fillers, additives or preservatives, which clog your pores making you, look ‘orange’. If you prefer a liquid foundation, simply add a dab of water and mix well in the foundation lid. It can help clear up your acne due to anti-irritating ingredients such as zinc. Contains natural sunscreens in the form of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. You achieve a look, which is natural, flawless and not false looking. There are many beautiful, natural looking shades to choose from. Why you should swap your normal foundation for mineral foundation… Mineral makeup, unlike the usual off the shelf makeup doesn’t encourage bacterial growth due to its composition so simply doesn’t have the same risks of contamination. It also has an increased shelf life compared to other products due to its natural ingredients. Traditional makeup can easily rub off due to wear and tear, weather, tears etc. Mineral makeup is highly resistant to all these negative factors and stays put! A little bit goes a long way! You don’t need layers upon layers of mineral foundation to achieve the flawless look you desire due to its rich texture and incredible coverage. A little bit about our ingredients… At Mineralissima, as you know we are all about natural ingredients and beneficial products. In our delicate mixtures each ingredient is hand selected for a beneficial purpose, never as a filler, additive or fragrance. In our foundations we include two natural minerals, which are Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. Both of these minerals act as natural sunscreens not because the skin absorbs them, but because they reflect light, very much like a mirror. This light reflecting property also adds to the beautiful luminous glow of your skin. Mica Sericite is a colourless component and we use this in our foundations to increase the translucency. It also reflects light and it doesn’t clog your pores up, which is a huge benefit to this mineral. Minimising fine lines and reducing the appearance of larger pores the overall effect of this mineral is that it helps add a dewy glow to your skin. It also helps with absorbency and ensures your colour stays rich all day long and isn’t affected by factors such as weather and oils in the skin. We also use Iron Oxide minerals because they are oxidized to remove heavy metals, which may be harmful to the skin. Iron Oxides produce beautiful stunning natural looking colours and is a wonderful ingredient in our mineral foundations. A little bit about what we don’t use… Bismuth Oxychloride is a very common ingredient used in most mineral foundations but not the ones at Mineralissima! Many people after using foundations with this ingredient find that they have excessive skin breakouts or skin irritation, which is exactly why we choose not to include this in our products. Oils and fragrances. These ingredients just simply aren’t necessary so we don’t use them. Simple. Some oils can cause skin irritation and people can be allergic to them as well. Fragrances serve no real purpose so by keeping away from these extras we keep our makeup as pure as can be. Additives and preservatives. We ensure we don’t use and artificial additives and preservatives as these can make your skin dry and rough and can affect the properties of the beneficial minerals in the makeup. As consumer knowledge has been increased due to the rise of the internet and all forms of media including social, men and women alike have being seeking out quality products which aren’t jam packed full of unknown substances and ingredients which have harmful reputations. The beauty of choice has lead to a rise in the interest of mineral makeup, especially mineral foundations. The word has spread far and wide about the beautiful overage one can achieve through a mineral foundation and is it now known as the ‘in’ makeup simply for the airbrushed look it can give its wearer. While using mineral makeup regularly skin actually starts to show improvements instead of just being ‘covered up’ therefore prevention is better than the cure. Mineral foundation isn’t just for those who want to achieve the perfect, flawless look but also for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and use a product, which contains all natural ingredients. With mineral foundation you can achieve the perfect look you desire and everyone can live happily ever after. The End.
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Get perfect winter makeup

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 14:01:15 Europe/Amsterdam

A Mineralissima girl is no ordinary girl, she glows, she stands out from the crowd and she radiates natural, flawless beauty. winter makeup Gorgeous shimmer eyeshadows At Mineralissima makeup shop we believe in being the best version of yourself you can possibly be, and we love celebrating natural beauty. We know it is equally as important to get your whole look correct this winter, especially your makeup when it comes to your social events. We’d like to focus on one of our beautiful makeup; pure cosmetics focusing on the purity of a woman’s natural beauty and enhancing what is already there. As all of us girls know, we often receive most compliments for our big beautiful eyes so, we are going to show you some great eye makeup looks. What’s so great about mineral makeup for winter? Mineral makeup is free from many chemicals and harmful ingredients often found in normal makeup. The ingredients in mineral foundation are all natural and sourced from the earth itself containing pure and crushed minerals. We all know that when it comes to your pageant or prom that you need to look and appear absolutely flawless. Winter can dry up your skin, which makes mineral makeup a perfect choice for the cold, harsh winter months. It’s perfect for your evening occasion! Not only does it have an excellent shelf life, mineral makeup also lasts a long time on your skin too. The pigmentation can last a long time and blends beautifully with your skin making it an ideal choice when you need to look your best whilst dancing the night away in your gorgeous party dress. Smoky eyes for browns If you have brown eyes then you can choose the dark eyeshadow palette such as blacks, gunmetal greys, and purples. Darker smoky eyes look incredible with a darker coloured special occasion dress. Smoky eyes for blues and greens If you’re lucky enough to have a pair of piercing blue or green eyes, then you can get away with brighter lighter colours to create your smoky eye such as silvers, blues greens and whites. “Although mineral makeup is free of preservatives, they are naturally antimicrobial and free of nanoparticles giving you a beautifully fresh and long lasting look perfect for your pageant or evening occasion when you rely on looking flawless ” – Kati - Founder & Director at Mineralissima Mineral makeup is perfect to keep your look as fresh and vibrant this winter without suffering the winter blues!Learn more
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Natural products your hair will love!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 14:00:08 Europe/Amsterdam

We may well be enjoying the winter months building snowmen, accessorising with our favourite woolly hats and scarves and incorporating some winter sparkle and glitter into our makeup routines. Sadly though, our hair isn’t such a huge fan of winter. The cold air can dry it up making it brittle and susceptible to damage leaving you with a rough looking barnet with and ends. touch of winter frosting mineralissima At Mineralissima we love to explore only the earths most natural products and remedies so would love to share with you in this post some wonderful hair-care remedies that are totally 100% natural, say goodbye to the likes of hazardous chemicals such as sodium laurel, isopropyl alcohol and proplyene glycol and understand everything which is going on your luscious locks. Beneficial Bananas Bananas are secret treasures when it comes to hair care with celebrities paying hundreds of dollars for banana-based remedies. Not only are they great for your insides but the outside too. They contain potassium, antioxidants, vitamin B6, B12 which all deliver a beautiful sheen to your hair leaving it feeling soft and moisturised. Banana Shampoo recipe: 1 Banana ¼ cup of olive oil 1 egg Puree all ingredients in a blender. Massage into hair and leave on for about 15-20 minutes then rinse out for a super-indulgent treatment. Caressing Coconut Oil coconut goodness your hair lovesA favourite in the world of natural beauty for its caring properties and beautiful fragrance, coconut oil is a superior natural hair care product. Pure coconut oil deeply penetrates your hair follicles and shafts helping to bind proteins together and strengthen the hair from within. Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E, K and contains essential iron, which help to deeply condition even the most extremely dry hair giving it a beautiful shine. Coconut oil deep moisturising treatment recipe: 1 coconut Using a fist sized amount of pure oil, massage into your scalp and hair right before you go to bed combing it through. Rinse out the following morning. Outstanding Oatmeal oat good for hairNatural oatmeal is a superb treatment for an itchy scalp. The true beauty in oatmeal is that is contains high concentrations of starches and soluble fibres, which help lock in water and prevent your scalp from becoming dry, itchy and irritated. Anti-dandruff oatmeal hair mask 1 cup of oats 2 tablespoons of almond oil ½ cup of milk Massage into hair covering the scalp right to the ends of your hair. Place of a shower cap or use cling film. Rinse out after 20 minutes. Now you have some great remedies for natural hair care solutions, what will you try? Can you incorporate any of these into your daily routine and go down a more natural path to your beauty routine? If you have any natural hair care remedies we’d love to hear about them!
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A New Year, A New Mineralissima

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 13:58:33 Europe/Amsterdam

In the midst of the winter months our clientele are especially The best is yet to come enjoying our range of winter eye shadow shades, beautiful blushers and glistening lipsticks for that little bit of sparkle during the frosty season! Although we love indulging the winter months we are also looking forward to what 2015 has to bring and are excited at the sheer amount of things we have to share with you all! Early next week, we will launch and unveil our brand spanking new website! There is a lot in store for you this year with Mineralissima so be sure to keep up to date with us on Facebook & Twitter to hear all the latest from your favourite makeup line. Looking back 2014 was a year of planning and realising dreams and ambitions, 2015 is the year to achieve them. At Mineralissima HQ we have been looking back over 2014 and are proud of everything we have achieved and feel as though we have succeeded in giving our customers exactly what they want; beautiful quality makeup at an excellent price. We have consistently developed our formulas and product ranges in order to give you the best choices and best quality products. The future is bright! We have been refining our range even more throughout 2013-2014 introducing the vegan makeup brushes which were perfectly suitable for all skin types and our line of ‘pure’ cosmetics to name but a few. We can and have shipped our products all over the world so our mineral makeup is slowly gaining world domination, making a stand against all things unnatural and chemical-laden! Not like any conventional makeup We take huge pride in the fact that our makeup is pure and free from any harmful ingredients. Our crushed mineral formula can be enjoyed by all skin types and gives you a stunningly flawless complexion. Mineral makeup enables a soothing effect on irritated, red skin without the use of chemicals and is never tested on animals. Aiming high Due to our moral code and ambition to keep our products chemical free and animal friendly we are en route to achieving the bunny cruelty-free logo, which we will be exceptionally proud of! New website launch Going from strength to strength, Mineralissima have been working extremely hard these holidays ensuring the brand new website is as fresh as your newly applied makeup! We have incorporated a beautiful new redesign with some brand new packages and photos. You can enjoy an easier to navigate user interface, which will make your online shopping experience much easier and even more enjoyable. A NEW YEAR A NEW YOU A NEW MINERALISSIMA
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Wednesday, 1 October 2014 08:11:07 Europe/Amsterdam

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