Mineralissima B2B - PRO

It’s simple to be a Pro-partner with Mineralissima

Discount for business use

Do you want to use natural makeup for your profession? 
Our PRO-program is great for buying makeup for business use.

❤ Get discount on your makeup

For whom? Beauty Artist, Make-up Artist, Beauticians*, Photografer or even a Mortician 
(* during a beauty treatment without reselling)

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Reseller program

It only takes a single step to get more information about receiving discounts for business use. 

Without any obligation, send us some details via an information request.
You will soon receive a follow-up e-mail with more information about placing orders for our vegan, animal-friendly make-up.

No difficult contracts

As a small business customer you'll only need to meet a few conditions to be eligible for the Mineralissima PRO Program.


Low volume requirements

We do not require a minimum initial investment.
You're not tied to minimum purchase amounts.


Discount on our assortment

When you participate in the PRO-program you will receive a discount on the Mineralissima assortment through our webshop.


If you’re ready to finally have makeup that customers will be so excited about, they’ll return again and again -
If you’d love to apply makeup, as a makeup artist, that has customers begging, “What is this?! Where did you get it?!”

There’s only one step needed to receive more information about receiving discount via our Pro-program.
Just send us, with absolutely no obligation - your customer information.
Soon you will receive a follow up email with more information about working with our vegan, cruelty free makeup for business use.


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