Mineral makeup benefits

Why use our mineral makeup?

13 reasons people are switching to Mineralissima

You’ve heard the “buzz” around the benefits of vegan makeup and are wondering, why use mineral makeup? After all, this trend has been growing for decades but only truly popularized in recent years.

Here’s why.

For a starter, mineral makeup creates a gloriously natural look for both women and even men. Any man can feel his best with a natural (or even less subtle!) look.

Crafted originally to fill a gap in the Dutch market, Mineralissima makeup has become an international brand because of its incredible results. Because whether you have:

  • Difficult skin & want to finally stop breaking out
  • Expensive makeup and want a more affordable option that’s still effective


Our 13 reasons

Let’s get crystal clear on the other benefits of vegan makeup - especially our Mineralissima mineral foundations, eye powders and lip options - in these top 13 reasons. 



1. Crafted in The Netherlands, available globally

After a trip to San Francisco over a decade ago, our founder tried mineral makeup and couldn’t believe how the look was flawless - and didn’t irritate the skin. As there was no mineral makeup back in The Netherlands, Mineralissima was founded. The results have been incredible. Here on Dutch soil, we have top-grade production facilities where each product is crafted and inspected before being shipped out. When our makeup began to get more and more popular both in and outside The Netherlands, we realized how truly unique our naturally-based makeup is.

2. Safe for your skin

In our products, we use natural ingredients that have been thoroughly studied. Every ingredient that appears in our products has a safety certificate. We have chemists ready to check the final products so that they meet the strictest requirements, which can then be registered by the CPNP (Cosmetics Products Notification Portal). This ensures we and you know every product is it’s best, most very safe self.

Through a short search on the internet you can quickly learn that the use of chemicals in cosmetics can lead to skin problems. Thankfully, mineral makeup makes cutting down on chemicals & using the safest products easy.

3. Great for skin that is sensitive or acne-prone

With no perfumes or preservatives, our clean-makeup reduces the risk of acne, blemishes and skin irritation. In contrast, the zinc oxide in our mineral makeup has a calming effect, prevents irritation and blends beautifully with the natural oils of your skin.

In addition, the natural ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide even act as a natural sunscreen. (Although this is true, we don’t recommend using the makeup as a replacement for your sunscreen. Still apply SPF!)

4. Natural makeup from the Earth

Mineral makeup is going onto the skin from ingredients as Mother Nature intended. The raw materials that come from the earth naturally undergo a process to make them suitable for use in cosmetics. They are prepared as naturally as possible to be processed in our makeup.

Our mineral makeup is free from chemicals, without any artificial substances or other cheap fillers in most makeups. With a list of ingredients that’s short and clear, the chance of an allergic reaction is reduced. This makes people with sensitive skin finally joyful to put on makeup each day!

5. Hypoallergenic makeup: Chemical-free, perfume-free

Often, chemicals and perfumes in makeup can irritate the skin and clog pores. Mineralissima's mineral makeup has been carefully designed to make sensitive skin look and feel healthy, and contains no artificial fragrances, colorants, parabens or preservatives.

6. Good to your skin, no matter your skin type

Mineral makeup is hypoallergenic and adapts to your unique skin type. It does not matter what type of skin you have, whether it is dry, oily or combination skin. The natural powder mixes evenly with the natural skin oils and provides an even coverage.

7. Environmentally friendly makeup

Traditional makeup is often produced with major environmental consequences, so the decision to pick eco-friendly mineral makeup helps minimize damage to ecosystems. How wonderful that beauty products can also be loving to the Earth.

8. Kind to animals & humans

In 2015, Mineralissima was registered with PETA, a world-famous organization that defends animal rights. Because we care about animal welfare, our makeup is completely vegan. Both the raw materials and the end product are not tested on animals.

Our focus is on peoples’ rights too, so we work with suppliers who are strongly against child labor.

9. A makeup you’ll finally want to stick with

This one of the most important benefits of vegan makeup.

Trying different makeup brands gets exhausting. Once you’ve used Mineralissima mineral makeup and seen the effective results, it will feel shocking to try normal makeup again.

The beautiful shine, the light feeling and nice coverage make it impossible to walk away from this.

10. Versatile makeup

Mineral makeup is more versatile than other makeups. You can mix it with moisturizers and creams to make it liquid. When working with pure pigments, which are found in mineral makeup, you can mix almost anything. Makeup, customized to your desires.

11. Skin that can breathe

Because mineral makeup is so pure, each product has a long shelf life. With nothing that helps bacteria grow, the makeup stays good for a long time, so you don't pay for something that spoils quickly. Clean. Simple. Long-lasting.

12. Makeup that lasts all day

Not only does it have an excellent shelf life but mineral makeup will stay on your skin for a long time. The pigmentation can last throughout the day, even for the busiest schedules!

13. The ultimate question: Why is Mineralissima so affordable?

Our most common question:

“Why is the price of Mineralissima makeup so good compared to other brands?”

The reasons our products are so affordable → Mineralissima started with the intention of reaching every woman, which is why we committed to affordable prices when we launched in 2008.

We have a small team and a small building, which saves on overhead costs. In addition, we develop and produce most products ourselves, which means we do not have to deal with intermediary suppliers who up costs.

You get the highest quality of mineral products for more affordable prices. For 10 years we have been lovingly producing natural makeup with the best raw materials, because your skin deserves the best. 

Intrigued to try this mineral magic for yourself?

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P.S. The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth so let’s cherish and enjoy its beauty. By wearing mineral makeup, you reduce the impact on the planet and breath easy knowing exactly what’s being applied to your skin. Beautiful for you and the Earth.