13 Great reasons why you should wear mineral makeup

Why is Mineral Makeup Better than Regular Makeup??

Here at Mineralissima makeup shop we are all about natural beauty and this also stretches out to healthy beauty too, in fact, we think the two go hand in hand. flawless skin naturally with mineral make up

So what does a typical Mineralissima girl look like? Well firstly any girl can be a Mineralissima girl, it takes a few easy steps. You must love your self and most importantly your natural self. Our makeup will enhance your natural beauty giving you a stunningly healthy sheen and not a thickly caked on makeup look. Have you ever admired a girl for her natural beauty and her glowing complexion? Well the likelihood is that this girl wears mineral makeup. 

We believe that feminine beauty is all about being as pure as you can be and looking after your body as best you can. Swap sun beds for sunscreens and drink plenty of natures fines drink; water to stay hydrated and keep your skin looking youthful and fantastic. Simple and inexpensive tips are often the ones your skin will benefit most from. There are many advantages to refreshing your makeup bag and fill it with mineral cosmetics and we’re going to give you the lowdown of some great reasons why you should!


Pure and earthly makeup

Mineral makeup is free from many chemicals and harmful ingredients often found in normal makeup. The ingredients used in our mineral cosmetics are all natural and sourced from the earth itself containing pure and crushed minerals.


Chemical and perfume free makeup

Some chemicals and perfumes in makeup can irritate the skin and clog up pores. Mineral makeup is carefully designed to blend flawlessly ensuring your skin looks as healthy as it feels.


Natural Sunscreen Benefits

You may not have known this one, but it’s true; mineral makeup is also a natural sunscreen on your skin, again promoting a natural healthy glow. This is something, which many other makeup products do not have.


Makeup ingredients: If you cant pronounce it then don’t buy it

We love this statement at Mineralissima. This is because when you pick up any makeup product and look at the ingredients, can you actually pronounce half the ingredients never mind understand what they are? If you don’t understand something then surely you shouldn’t trust it. With mineral makeup its 100% pure and you will be able to understand and pronounce everything which you are putting onto your face.


Environmentally friendly natural cosmetics

Traditional makeup is often produced with a large carbon footprint. So if you are going green mineral cosmetics are a fantastic addition to really minimise your carbon footprint. Mineral powders are ecologically friendly, who’d of thought that you can go green with your makeup!


Cosmetics with Safe Ingredients

It just gets better with mineral makeup it really does. It is one of the safest types of makeup you can wear as it contains naturally occurring antimicrobial agents and it is free of nanoparticles.


Skin that can breathe

The fine minerals are expertly designed to give you a light even and sheer coverage without blocking your pores and causing nasty breakouts. Mineral makeup soothes your skin and prevents irritation blending beautifully with your skins natural oils.


Makeup can help with acne and spots

If you are prone to breakouts then the health benefits of using mineral products with only natural ingredients are second to none. It contains no fragrances, oils or preservatives that can irritate sensitive and spot prone skin.


Mineral makeup is perfect for all skin types

Now it doesn’t matter what type of skin you have, be it dry, oily or combination skin. Mineral makeup is hypoallergenic and works with your own skin and natural oils to create a perfectly even coverage.


Mineral Cosmetics Become Addictive

Once you’ve used mineral makeup and begin enjoying the benefits you will find it very difficult going back to ordinary makeup. Its beautiful sheen, its lightweight feel and beautiful coverage make it impossible to walk away from.


Versatility Advantage

When mineral makeup is applied correctly, it can be much more versatile than other makeups. You can actually mix it with moisturizers and creams to liquidize it. When working with pure pigments, those found in mineral cosmetics blend with pretty much everything.


Mineral makeup has excellent shelf life

Because mineral makeup is so pure it has a long shelf life. This is because there is nothing in it to help bacteria grow which means it can last a very long time so you are not paying money for something witch just wont last. It’s clean and it’s simple.


Long lasting makeup

Not only does it have an excellent shelf life, mineral makeup also lasts a long time on your skin too. The pigmentation can last a long time and blends beautifully with your skin.

daily benefits to wearing mineral makeup

After discussing the many great reasons why you should choose to wear mineral cosmetics, hopefully you would like to join us in our campaign to promote natural beauty and natural products.

The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth so cherish it and indulge in the beauties it has to offer. By wearing natural mineral cosmetics you are reducing your carbon footprint and understanding fully what you are putting on your face. You will radiate beauty.