FAQ - you asked, we answered

The #1 questions about Mineralissima mineral makeup

Questions were asked, so we answered


If you have:

  • Tried several makeup brands that didn’t work
  • Never used mineral makeup
  • Found it hard to buy products online

It’s understandable you have questions about purchasing our natural, vegan mineral makeup. We are about to answer all of the most common questions - broken down below.

1. Where and how can I purchase Mineralissima products

1) Purchase products at our make-up studio in Alphen aan den Rijn (Netherlands), 2) here at our website OR 3) by visiting one of our resellers.
To see the reseller nearest you and make sure they have product in stock, see the contact information of our resellers.

You’re lovingly invited to use the step-by-step “Find your Perfect Colour” guide
Find a makeup Reseller

2. I’m having trouble choosing a colour. Can I get colour advice?

You’re lovingly invited to use the step-by-step “Find your Perfect Colour” guide.
The Perfect Colour Guide

We are happy to give personal advice at our showroom in Alphen aan den Rijn. Please contact us for an appointment.
Make an appointment

Ask for online-advice. Send us an email and don't forget to add your picture for the best advice.
Send us an email

OR, You can also make an appointment at one of our resellers. Find out the reseller nearest you.
Mineralissima Resellers

3. What are the most important benefits of Mineralissima's makeup?

Our makeup:

  • Is cruelty-free, never tested on animals
  • Vegan and natural, always
  • Is incredibly light and lets the skin breathe, gentle on even the most sensitive and acne-prone skin yet has highly effective coverage
  • Doesn’t dry out skin or make face too oily, even after hours of wear

4. Does Mineralissima makeup contain an SPF?

Many of our products (foundations and concealers especially), contain ingredients which provide sun-protection. Because our products have not been officially tested for SPF, we cannot make any claims regarding the strength of the filter.

5. My order hasn’t been delivered yet, what should I do?

Your order is handled with love and care and send from our department in The Netherlands. Sometimes, deliveries can take a day or two extra. Our foreign packages can take a bit longer to arrive, especialy to Spain and Italy. Please check your tracking code (if applicable) for more info or please feel free to contact us.

6. I use a loose powder foundation. Which colour can I try in a compact or liquid form?

The compact powders and liquid foundations do not come in the exact same shades as the loose powders. However, we can advice you which colour is worth trying! Please find our advice in the tab ‘More product information’ per foundation.

7. What is the diference between our different foundation options?

You can choose between three different foundation options. Traditional loose powder foundations, compact foundations and liquid foundations. But, what are the differences and which one do you choose for your skin type? Read our Blog and find out!
Read our blog

8. Why is Mineralissima so affordable?

Here’s precisely why Mineralissima prices are so low - for the highest quality

a) Money is for makeup, not advertising
Our money goes into crafting the best products, not into outrageous advertising & marketing expenses - like most makeup companies.

b) Costs are for ingredients, not store lighting or an expensive lease car
As a mostly online business, your money pays for the products and shipping - not keeping 1.000s of stores open with employees, AC/heating and physical building costs or expensive lease cars. At Mineralissima, we help the environment by choosing ecological transportation, like riding a bike for instance. After all, we are in the Netherlands ;-)

c) Integrity is first, profits are second
Our priority is to provide the highest quality makeup that’s cruelty-free at an affordable price. We could double prices to match competitors but that’s not in line with our values.

9. I would like to work with or sell Mineralissima products. Is that possible?

Yes, we have many wholesale and resell partners! To learn more and apply (for €0) read why & how to go wholesale with Mineralissima .
Our wholesale program