Makeup and contouring for men so natural, no one will ever know

Make-Up for men

Make-up and contours for men that are zo natural, no one will ever know...

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We have countless requests about contouring for men and positive “Thank you!” feedback from our makeup for men. Why?

Our concealers and foundations are so natural, even the girliest makeup lovers won’t be able to tell.

The result is the same as men styling their hair or shaving their face. Subtle makeup lets you feel fantastic in a natural way. With a bit of the right skin powder, men can feel a deserved, confidence boost in physical appearance.

Explore the #1 makeup for men!

Whether it’s your first time trying on makeup or a mineral-based powder, we’ve created a tutorial, so you don’t even have to ask anyone how to put it on yourself. 

Lets be honest about men wearing makeup...

Men wearing makeup is not a new or uncommon thing.

Women are not the only ones who feel conscious about their skin appearing red, wrinkled, oily, with acne or otherwise. That’s why (even if most people don’t know it) so many of both genders are adding natural-looking foundation and concealer into their routine.

While there’s a stereotype about makeup only being for women… Here’s the truth about makeup and men in makeup

Any person, including any male, who wants to feel incredible when walking into a meeting, date or daily life - will feel amazing wearing makeup.

That’s why Mineralissima foundations, concealers and other mineral powders provide a very natural finish - making them so natural, men can wear two hats:

  1. Get the perks of wearing natural-on-face makeup 
  2. At the same time, have no one know they have any powder on at all


Where to start?

Do guys wear concealer?

Especially for men wearing makeup for the first time, it’s normal to not be familiar with the terms. Let’s touch on the key types of makeup we recommend most men starting with and what step to take from there. 

We’ll begin with the 3 main 'build naturally fantastic skin' basics.

Foundation: Foundation is worn on the entire face for overall coverage and evening out skin tone. Dusting a male makeup foundation powder across the entire face creates natural appearance all over - even if there’ acne, rosiness or scarring.

Concealer: Concealer is best used if have specific spots you want to target coverage, such as individual areas of acne or scarring. We often hear questions like, “ you guys wear concealer?”, and the answer is an absolute YES. We have many male customers who, just like any other human, want to look in the mirror and feel awesome into a party, conference room or restaurant.

Finishing Touch: This powder is great for setting foundation and concealer or reducing shine. Our special rice-based finishing powder is incredible for soaking up oil, if you have oily skin it’s a top popular favorite. 

No matter what, it’s incredibly important - especially for men - to wear makeup that’s totally natural. Other types of common drugstore makeup will get cakey and shiny, so it’ll be evident as makeup later in the day. With mineral makeup, it’s made from natural minerals and truly is undetectable.

Try the most subtle, won’t look overdone makeup


First time applying mineral makeup...or any makeup?

We got you

Whether it’s your first time trying on makeup or a mineral-based powder, we’ve created a tutorial, so you don’t even have to ask anyone how to put it on yourself.

You’ll be walked through what brushes to use and how to apply the makeup on to make it look incredibly natural and create the best male makeup contouring. 

Still not sure which male makeup to pick out? No. Problem. 

Choosing makeup can feel like an entirely new world, especially if haven’t worn it, done mineral makeup for men or bought foundation online.

To make the process as simple as possible for you, we have two options to help you move forward.

If still need help choosing a colour or picking a product, simply either:


Check our easy-to-use guide 
'How to pick the right roundation colour'

Colour Guide


Get 1:1 help; Email our team and
we'll get you sorted out!

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