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Finishing Touch

The multi-use mineral finishing powder. Mineralissima helps you achieve flawless complexion from morning until night... Our flawless finish-powders keep your makeup looking fresh and no matter what. They truly are the perfect finishing touch! Prolong the Life of Your
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  1. Youth Dew Fixing Powder Youth Dew Fixing Powder
  2. Glow Bananas! Fixing Powder Glow Bananas! Fixing Powder
  3. Highlight & Contour powder Highlight & Contour powder
  4. Shape & Contour powder Medium Shape & Contour powder Medium
  5. Bye Shine blotting paper Bye Shine blotting paper
  6. Chiffon Finish mineral veil Chiffon Finish mineral veil
  7. Chiffon Finish TAN mineral veil Chiffon Finish TAN mineral veil
  8. Flawless Finish-powder Flawless Finish-powder
  9. Rice Veil Intense Matte Rice Veil Intense Matte
  10. Oil Control powder Medium Oil Control powder Medium
  11. Oil Control powder Tan Oil Control powder Tan
Grid List

11 Items

Set Descending Direction