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Loose brushes

The perfect brush For a Full-Coverage Foundation or a complex eye look... Everything you need for a smooth and full coverage. Each of our vegan makeup brushes is made with soft synthetic fibers and only the finest quality materials. Your makeup will go on effortlessly and smoothly. Flawless
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  1. Makeup Blender Sponge Makeup Blender Sponge
  2. Kabuki brush Kabuki brush
    Kabuki brush
  3. Full Coverage kabuki brush Full Coverage kabuki brush
  4. Mineral powder brush Mineral powder brush
  5. Fluffy makeup powder brush Fluffy makeup powder brush
  6. Flat Concealer/Foundation brush Flat Concealer/Foundation brush
  7. Allround Tapered make-up brush Allround Tapered make-up brush
  8. Blush Brush Blush Brush
    Blush Brush
  9. Angled bronzer/contour brush Angled bronzer/contour brush
  10. Flat Top brush Flat Top brush
    Flat Top brush
  11. Mini Kabuki brush Mini Kabuki brush
  12. Angled concealer brush Angled concealer brush
  13. Eyebrow brush - Spoolie Eyebrow brush - Spoolie
  14. Eyebrow brush Eyebrow brush
  15. Angled eyeshadow brush Angled eyeshadow brush
  16. Fluffy round blending brush Fluffy round blending brush
  17. Fluffy eyeshadow brush Fluffy eyeshadow brush
  18. Classic eyeshadow brush Classic eyeshadow brush
  19. Small blending brush Small blending brush
  20. Small eyeshadow brush Small eyeshadow brush
  21. Eyeliner brush Eyeliner brush
  22. Lip Brush Lip Brush
    Lip Brush
Grid List

22 Items

Set Descending Direction