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  1. Striking eyes with the right eye shadow colour

    Let your eyes 'pop'

    Using the right eye shadow colour

    Choosing the right eyeshadow colour to complement your eye colour can make a huge difference in enhancing your natural features and making your eyes pop. 
    Wondering how it works and which colours work best for your eye colour? We explain in this blog.

    Colours that enhance each other are called complementary colours. They are colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel.

    Blue eyes:

    Complementary colours for blue eyes tend to be warmer shades such as copper, peach, and warm browns. These colours can make blue eyes appear brighter and more vibrant. 
    Shades of gold, bronze, and champagne can also

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  2. How To Choose the Right Mineral Foundation

    Meet Our Range of Foundations for All Skin Types

    And find out which foundation works best for your skin

    Choosing the right foundation can sometimes feel as overwhelming as hunting down a rare butterfly species in the Amazon jungle. If you buy the wrong shade of lipstick, you can just wipe it clean and apply another colour. It’s never quite that simple with your foundation though because it can determine your entire look, as well as how your skin feels throughout the day. That’s why it’s crucial to pick the product that works best for you.

    To help you, we created this little guide to our mineral foundations that gives you an overview of everything you need to know – the key differences, what skin types each fits best, coverage, desired effect, and more. Before we continue, keep in mind that you can always order one of our compact testers first and see how the

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  3. Blusher and Bronzer tips and tricks

    Two products that instantly breathe life into your skin.

    A touch of blush or bronzer will brighten you up!

    Blusher and bronzer are best friends, two products that immediately bring your skin to life, no matter how short you've slept, how tired you are, or if it's the middle of winter and everything is dark and grey. A touch of bronzer and/or blush will perk you up!

    Here at Mineralissima we are fans of colours as you might have noticed already. And we also love helping you get the most out of your makeup routine, with tips and tricks (see some brow tips here) and this is what we will be discussing today with a focus on blusher and bronzer. Blusher and bronzer can be used all year round, no matter your skin tone. There is an option for everyone and we will help you find it!

    Blusher and bronzer can be used all year round, no matter what your

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  4. The Best Makeup For Oily Skin

    Is your skin oily and makeup just glides off? 

    We have the solution for you

    Is your skin oily and makeup just glides off? Are you tired of powdering your face every hour of every day? Fret not, we have the solution for you, to help you achieve a longer lasting and beautiful makeup result. Doing your makeup if your skin is oily will become easier and quicker once you adopt these tricks.

    What is Oily Skin?
    Let’s quickly go over the ‘why’ is your skin oily? Oil (or sebum) is naturally occurring in the skin from the sebaceous glands, but some have a higher production than others. Often, people with oily skin tend to have acne, as the over-production of sebum can block the pores, resulting in spots.

    If you have oily skin, you might feel like it gets greasy very easily, even after you’ve washed it and especially towards the end of the day. The oil isn’t necessarily bad—even though it can feel annoying

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  5. How to expertly shape your eyebrows and frame your face

    How can your eyebrows enhance your look? 

    We are here for you!

    Eyes may be the window to the soul, but you need a good frame to support them, which is where good brows come in. Brows frame your face and change your face in a matter of seconds and here at Mineralissima we want to help you achieve the perfect (for you) brow shape when using makeup, so we will be taking you through the different ways you can shape and draw on your brows so that they are always on fleek!

    Let’s quickly talk about brow shape; thin or thick, fluffy or structured, whatever brow shape you naturally have, the products you use must enhance it. It’s okay if your brows aren’t as full as you’d like, because this is where we come in to help out.

    A thing to remember, you can always add more product, it’s a bit harder to remove it though! This of course depends on the method and product of choice. When choosing the colour of the product, try and

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  6. How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally & Effectively

    Shockingly simple tips for glowing skin


    We’re sharing how to get glowing skin naturally because we understand you have tried many toners, face masks and countless products that still have not worked. You are not alone. 
    If you’re like most people, each time there’s a picture taken of you on your phone, the first thing you notice upon viewing it? How your skin looks. Maybe you saw a photo of yourself recently or simply glanced in the mirror and you couldn’t help but *sigh*. That’s why we are revealing incredible, science-backed methods to help your skin glow (in a gorgeous, non-oily shine way). 

    In this article, you’ll discover: 

    • What foods help skin glow as fast as possible
    • The best way to regulate hormones, which control the appearance of skin
    • Why the weather is affecting your skin (and what to do)
    • A no-cost freezer

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