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Choosing the right natural mineral makeup can be tough enough as it is, not to mention when you’re buying online and you don’t know what you’re getting yourself or your skin into. We know it’s frustrating, and the last thing we want is for you to waste time and money on something that’s not right for you. That’s why we offer high-quality makeup samples so you can try before you buy!

For just a few Euro, we’ll send you samples of the Mineralissima makeup you’re interested in, from powders to foundations and everything in-between. We’ll pick, pack, and ship your order your way ASAP, so you can head to the mirror and put our cruelty-free samples to the test. Like what you see? Head back to our website and place your full order with confidence, knowing you’ll adore it.

Ordering multiple colours of a product like eye shadow or foundation? To find your perfect match, place small amounts of each powder into their respective lids and apply in lines to your jaw line in circular motions (using a makeup brush). Give the minerals a moment to sink in, literally and figuratively, and if the colour blends well, congratulations. You have a match.

Ready to shop, try, and buy the best makeup sets for your style and look? Click here to start exploring today. When it’s time to process your order, we’ll be ready when you are.

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Our mineral products will highlight your natural beauty,
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