Mineral makeup sets

Sets bursting with products and tools for the picture-perfect you...

Pick the shades and styles you love most.

Why get just one product, when you can get a full natural-glam look at a convenient bulk price? Mineralissima’s cost-effective makeup sets bring everything you need into one package, with exciting combinations of foundation, finishing powders, concealers, blush, bronzers, and more - all in long-lasting full-size jars.

No longer do you have to worry about shopping yourself into a panic, frantically rushing around to find the best foundations, powders, bronzers, and more from different brands. Mineralissima brings everything under one roof, into one easy box, so you can breathe a sigh of relief and do your makeup every day with confidence.

Pick the shades and styles you love most

With Mineralissima’s makeup sets, you are in control. Pick the shades and styles you love most, and checkout using our secure payment gateway in minutes. Purchasing a Mineralissima bundle set is a savvy way to save big bucks, while ensuring you always have all you need to nail whatever look you’re in the mood for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

We guarantee impeccable high-quality

As always, you can rest assured that all Mineralissima products are lovingly prepared and packaged by hand, and are free from chemicals, parabens, or unnecessary fillers. Our customers are for life, and for good reason. We guarantee impeccable high-quality you won’t find anywhere else, with a premium selection of all-natural makeup products sourced from mother nature’s rich and nutritious menu.

So, go ahead - click here to explore our range of makeup sets today. Can’t find one you like? Personalize your own in minutes, taking control of the shades and products you love. Rest assured that these are the sets you’ve been searching for, and once you have them in your life, you’ll wonder how you ever did your makeup without ‘em!


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