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Makeup brushes

The easiest way to achieve an airbrushed appearance.

Vegan makeup brushes for the perfect makeup look...

Makeup brushes are unmissable items in even the most basic makeup bags. Good quality brushes are essential to achieving a flawless look that’ll help you face your day with confidence. Feel like the ultimate cruelty-free MUA by using our synthetic brush collection. By using vegan makeup brushes, you are taking a step towards contributing to a kinder world where there is no place for animal cruelty. Whether you are looking for eyeshadow brushes or the softest, fluffiest powder brush, we’ve got you covered.

Our brushes are hypoallergenic

We can say with confidence that our makeup brushes are hypoallergenic. Because there are no animal by-products present in the synthetic bristles, the risk of an allergic reaction is brought to a minimum. Good news if you suffer from animal allergies or have an exremely sensitive skin!

Amazing quality

Gone are the days when you struggled to find a decent quality synthetic makeup brush. With the advanced production technologies of today, you can enjoy using our brushes knowing that you will apply your makeup with precision and confidence. As an added plus, these brushes are WAY softer than makeup brushes made with animal hair.

View our collection of the softest brushes ever

Makeup Brushes 


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Category: Loose brushes
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  1. Kabuki brush Kabuki brush
    Kabuki brush
  2. Full Coverage kabuki brush Full Coverage kabuki brush
  3. Mineral powder brush Mineral powder brush
  4. Fluffy makeup powder brush Fluffy makeup powder brush
  5. Flat Concealer/Foundation brush Flat Concealer/Foundation brush
  6. Allround Tapered make-up brush Allround Tapered make-up brush
  7. Blush Brush Blush Brush
    Blush Brush
  8. Angled bronzer/contour brush Angled bronzer/contour brush
  9. Mini Kabuki brush Mini Kabuki brush
  10. Angled concealer brush Angled concealer brush
  11. Eyebrow brush - Spoolie Eyebrow brush - Spoolie
  12. Eyebrow brush Eyebrow brush
  13. Angled eyeshadow brush Angled eyeshadow brush
  14. Fluffy round blending brush Fluffy round blending brush
  15. Fluffy eyeshadow brush Fluffy eyeshadow brush
  16. Classic eyeshadow brush Classic eyeshadow brush
  17. Small blending brush Small blending brush
  18. Small eyeshadow brush Small eyeshadow brush
  19. Eyeliner brush Eyeliner brush
  20. Lip Brush Lip Brush
    Lip Brush
Grid List

20 Items

Set Descending Direction