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Delight customers (& enjoy fabulous earnings)

as a Mineralissima makeup reseller

As customers seek more natural, cruelty free options, provide them fantastic vegan makeup that won’t irritate to the skin with Mineralissima makeup.

Our makeup is affordable for them yet fantastic on profit margins for you.

❤   No wild long contracts.
❤   No huge volume requirements.
❤   We make it easy to partner up.

For whom? Beauticians, Beauty related shops and/or webshops, Makeup workshops

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It only takes a single step to get more information about reselling our products.

Without any obligation, send us some details via an information request.
You will soon receive an e-mail with more information about working with our vegan, animal-friendly make-up.

Why Mineralissima mineral, cruelty free makeup?

10+ years in the industry

We’re a Dutch beauty company with 10+ years of experience in producing and successfully selling natural makeup.


Good for all skin types

Our mineral makeup is safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive or acne-prone skin.


Natural, vegan makeup

The ingredients are of natural origin. Also cruelty-free and vegan. A growing demand in the world of cosmetics.

If you’re ready to finally have makeup that customers will be so excited about, they’ll return again and again -

If you’d love to apply makeup, as a makeup artist, that has customers begging, “What is this?! Where did you get it?!” -

There’s only one step needed to receive more information about our reselling program.
Just send us, with absolutely no obligation - your customer information and you will receive a follow up email momentarily with more information about ordering our vegan, cruelty free makeup.

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